Inotherm GmbH

 Quality Management

  Business Strategy

The quality of a company is an important criterion for taking up our performances at the market. All employees, who can influence the quality level by their co-operation and especially by their decisions, are obligated to strive for following goals:

  • Each product or each activity of the INOTHERM GmbH has to belong to the best on its market in regard of quality. This will be defined by the principles of SQ Strategic Quality.
  • Requirements of our customers in regard of the quality of our performances and activities are minimum standards, which will be met uncompromisingly. This will be conducive to customers satisfaction and competitive ability and will therefore ensure the future of our employments.
  • Technical quality of our products have the same significance as perfection and punctuality of all our performances. Meeting the deadlines is an important quality criterion.
  • Conclusion: Also in future the name INOTHERM counts as embodiment of quality. Increasing demands at the market and from customers will require special efforts.