Inotherm GmbH

  Heat Treatment Plants

  For Homogenizing, Hardening, Tempering and Annealing


We built chamber furnaces for annealing and artificial ageing as well as continuous- and top hat annealing plants with charging systems and quenching facility. Our heat treatment furnaces are heated by electrical energy or fuels. The plants are used as well as in the field of automotive industry and aeronautical engineering. In case of punched, oil afflicted aluminium products thermal afterburning plants are often down streamed in order to control air pollution. Oil contaminated exhaust, which will be produced process-related during heating-up in the furnace atmosphere, will be burnt out in these plants.

We guide the after burned, clean exhaust through a heat exchanger. By this handling we cool down them. We can use the released thermal energy for other processes or we can lead it again into the furnance. The temperatures for homogenzing, quenching and tempering, annealing and artificial ageing the material extend from 200C to 580C for aluminium furnaces and run up to 1050C for plants in the steel sector.

We don`t built fixed standard plants, but we develop for our customers product-specific solutions for heat treatments according to their requerments.