Inotherm GmbH


  Specialist in Industrial Furnance Construction


Inotherm is a specialized engineering-office for industrial furnace construction. We develop, design, produce and install melting- and holding plants, most of them for the aluminium- and zinc industry.

Just under 40% of our equipment will be delivered to European foreign countries. Each of our plants is customized work, this means individually manufactured according to the requirements of our customers.

The level of automation has continuously grown in the last years, as well as the demand of our customers for facilities which are easily to handle. Therefore our engineering basic idea is : simple, exact, inventive. Simple handling, exact execution and a fancy engineering, e.g. will reduce energy costs.

It is our goal to keep the operating costs of our plants as low as possible and to keep the availability as high as possible. This handling enables our customers to be perfectly prepared for national and international competition.