Inotherm GmbH

  Melting and Holding Furnaces


Schmelz– GießofenAluminium melting furnace, tiltable, capacity 55t, melting rate 10 t/h, burner systems gas heated, metal removal via pouring, joint and launder.
Wannenofen als WarmhalteofenTiltable aluminium tank furnace, designed as melting-/casting furnace for aluminium billets. Capacity 20 t, melting performance 6,5 t/h provided with a regenerative burner system.Equipped with magnetic stirrer and furnace chamber monitoring camera.
Wannenofen als WarmhalteofenDry hearth melting furnace, tiltable, for melting ingots and recirculating material, holding of liquid metal, capacity 10t, melting rate 2 t/h, metal removal via pouring snout.
Wannenofen als WarmhalteofenMelting/Holding furnace, tiltable, tank capacity 40t, melting rate about 4 t/h, oil heated, cold air burners, metal removal via pouring launder.