Inotherm GmbH

  Melting and Holding Furnances

  For Melting of Aluminium, Zinc, Lead and their Alloys


Since 30 years Inotherm is designing and producing melting- and holding furnances- including pouring channel systems - for the zinc- and aluminim industry. Melting furnaces plants with different burner types as e.g. cold air burner, recuperative burner or regenerative burner plants are also part of the product range as furnances with oil heated burner plants.

Our furnaces will be built stationary as well as tiltable by hydraulic cylinder. Charging will be done through furnace door or furnace cap. In addition we manufacture lead and zinc furnaces. If necessary we also manufacture drying furnaces- or tank melting furnaces as well as double chamber furnaces. Their capacity comprises up to 80 tons and the melting performance is up to 15 tons per hour.

One of our specialties are spherical holding furnaces. The unusual form reduces the energy consumption and the required space. In addition it provides large stability, low own weight, smallest shell surface - in relation to the content - and small demand of steel- and fire proof material.