Inotherm GmbH

  Furnace Optimization


 alte Warmhaltekammer   optimierte Warmhaltekammer         Spuelstein im Giessofen
 Dry hearth melting furnace with old holding chamber, capacity: 5t.  New holding chamber, flanged to melting chamber, capacity: 11t.         30 t melting furnace, equipped with 6 purging plugs for argon/nitrogen.
 fehlerhafter Warmhalteofen   fehlerhafter Warmhalteofen         Spuelstein im Giessofen 
 Holding Furnace with defective burner regulation. Cooling water piping for door sealing.   Upgraded furnace with new burner plant, charging door and measuring and control system.         Purging plugs in the casting furnace, bath height 800 mm. Purging quantity 15 l/min argon each purging plug.