Inotherm GmbH

  Furnace Optimization

  Re-Fitting and Extension of existing Plants


In case of old furnance models especially in the field of heating equipment and closeness of the furnance doors there is high potential of saving energy consumption.

We use newest burner technologies, e.g. regenerative- and recuperative burner. In addition to that we install first-class insulating-materials and heat-resistance light-weight concrete in order to achieve a high insulating of the furnace walls.

Our burner plants work with preheating of combustion air to reduce the energy consumption. In addtion we use furnace exhaust, e.g. in order to preheat and to dry the melting material. We control the furnace pressure by an exhaust butterfly valve. Doing this the heat temperature inside the furnace is held steadiely and we avoid cooling at low burner performance.

Magnetic stirrers or recalculating pumps make sure that the melting is homogeneous and the heat change over to the bath is optimal. Further products to optimize complete furnace plants are pouring channel systems, pouring joints and filter boxes. To clean the melting and to increase the melting performance purging plug systems with argon or nitrogen are used. Inotherm installs porous purging plugs into existing furnace plants as well into new furnaces. The furnace base will be prepared through core holes. After that it will be equipped with the adequate number of purging plugs.