Inotherm GmbH

  Thermal Afterburning Plants

  To Burn Out Pollution From Exhaust


Due to the strict environmental-legislation in Germany Inotherm has already made experiences in engineering and construction of prevention of air pollution plants very early

We use different types of exhaust cleaners. In case of melting furnances normally filter equipment for cleaning exhaust or filtering dust will be installed. But in case of heat treatment plants mostly thermal afterburning plants will be established.

Thermal afterburning plants combust pollution which you can find in oil contaminated exhaust. E.g. oily waste gas will be burnt out at 820C and the pollution will be burnt out according to TA Luft.

In case of filter equipments fans suck in the dust which is mostly dry through tubes and guide the exhaust which is now filtered into the chimney. From there the exhaust will be given out to the environment. You have to pay attention to the fact that the filter mediums only tolerate specified maximum temperatures. Temperatures which are too high will lead mostly to destruction of the filter mediums.